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Clark-Pan Apparel is quality Accessories that are imaged or design by a husband and wife team Claude Lockhart Clark and Jian Ying Pan. The apparel items are Western designs and the images on T-shirts and tote bags represent various cultures, with major emphasis on ethnic heritages. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE TRADUISEZ N'IMPORTE QUOI - ÜBERSETZEN SIE ALLES - TRADURRE QUALCHE COSA - TRADUZA QUALQUER COISA - TRADUZCA CUALQUIER COSA

African Americans have a color culture, which makes use of their physical appearance and cultural practices associated with skin color rather than personal origin or land based cultural systems and philosophy.

During the late 1960s African Americans began to take pride in “Black Culture “, and “Black Physical Appearances” sometimes associated with Africa.

James Brown published a song titled “I am Black and I am Proud” by 1971. James Brown trading stamps (Black & Brown), with the help of attorney Donald Warden, were on the market. Clark produced a stamp felt pen and ink drawing during that period 1972. It was purchased and presented to James Brown to hang in his office in Augusta GA.

Clark is both a Western European trained artist and a self-taught traditional African woodcarver with style and tradition of his own. Clark has been using a camera since 1959. In 1967’s Clark had to record pictures of artist’s work for his father’s art history classes being taught in Community College. Many of the artists were painters so that meant that Clark had to make sure color balance in his father’s slides were correct. In doing so for his father and other artist work he repeated the same process for himself. All the drawings, and many of the sculpture pictures you see on the T-shirts and tote bags are photographs taken by Clark. Photographer Jonathan Eubanks took some photographs of Clark’s sculpture. When they appear on T-shirts we will bring it to your attention. Quality Postcards in Oakland did the printing of images on T-shirts and tote bags during the first year. © Claude Lockhart Clark, October 25, 2015

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