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Clark-Pan Apparel is quality Accessories that are imaged or designed by a husband and wife team Claude Lockhart Clark and Jian Ying Pan. The apparel items are Western design and the images on T-shirts and tote bags represent various cultures, with major emphasis on ethnic heritages. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE TRADUISEZ N'IMPORTE QUOI - ÜBERSETZEN SIE ALLES - TRADURRE QUALCHE COSA - TRADUZA QUALQUER COISA - TRADUZCA CUALQUIER COSA

In August of 1969 the Black Panther Party under Leroy Eldridge Cleaver ran for offices under the Socialist Party “Peace and Freedom ticket. Ron Dellums ran for office as a Democrat for the United States House of Representatives during that same year. He supported socialist policies using a democratic platform to obtain votes. He was against the Vietnam War.

In August of 1969 both Dellums and the Black Panther Party were campaigning at Defremery Park in Oakland California on the same day.

The panther image on the poster was taken from the Panther Party in Lowndes County Alabama in early 1960’s and the pig was Huey P. Newton’s idea for representing the police department. He suggested to the Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas, to draw the pig when illustrating policeman. Once Bobby Seal and Huey saw the impact concerning how the Oakland P.D. over reacted to Emery’s cartoons, both Huey and Bobby took out a life insurance policy on Douglas, because they didn’t think he would make it.

Clark took a photograph of the Panther’s platform and their candidates. The candidates and speakers were on top of a bus and there were people inside the bus. When Clark later drew a picture based on his photograph he took liberty to do what he want to do with the image. The drawing obtained its title from the poster at the bottom of the picture. Those images shown there were not on that poster. Emory had nothing to do with that.

The lady at the microphone is Ruth Hagwood “Mother of the Panthers”. She provided food for the party in the early days because they didn’t have any money to feed themselves. She used her husband’s money. Hagwood’s husband worked for California Youth Authorities. The two Hagwoods must have presented a rather interesting couple; one working for the system and the other one working against it. Cathleen Cleaver is the lady with the shades and red hair. And the “Buddhist Monk” at the opposite corner of the platform is Minister of Education, George Murray. Murray taught Black Studies at San Francisco State College. © Claude Lockhart Clark, October 25, 2015

This is an African drawing. Its composition is constructed in flat layers, Bottom top and background. Strong contrasting silhouett images appear in object surfaces, human, animal forms, plus there are special features in silhouett in the form of buttons on jacket, claws, teeth and whiskers on leopards. There are several succession march element images in the form of panthers and pigs used on poster in bottom layer and banner on top layer of the picture. Special features in succession appear in the form of stripes on shirts and siding on building. All of the visual contents shown in drawing are Western, but the tools used to display its contents are African.

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